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DIVERSA is organized by PRISMA Asociación Civil por la Diversidad, a non-profit organization dedicated to generate cultural spaces to support diversity.

Our mission is to create and promote spaces of identification, social and cultural development, support to minorities, and to foster acceptance and respect toward diversity between people, with the idea of an integrating society and a pacific coexistence.

Our values are: integrity, respect, professionalism,
solidarity, responsibility and comradeship. 

Our Goals are:

•  To foster respect towards diversity, contributing elements to citizenship for mutual knowledge and information, and a pacific coexistence of distant realities.
•  To collaborate in the education and integration of a society without discrimination, prejudice nor violence.

•  To create cultural, artistic and social spaces.
•  To increase inter regional exchange, national and internationally.
•  To stimulate, advice, promote and participate in the development of artists and works that have this same goals.
• To advice, assist and facilitate communication between people that belong to sexual minorities.

In order to accomplish these goals we:

•  Annually organize DIVERSA International GLTBI Film Festival of Argentina.
•  Distribute and promote artists and productions that are GLTBI related.
•  Created and maintain a complete archive of GLTBI films and data base.
•  Present DIVERSA Festival in different regions (DIVERSA Itinerant).
•  Foment the development of national cinematography in all its areas.
•  Introduce filmmakers into the international market.

DIVERSA works against discrimination and towards respect for diversity, reducing distances through culture, generating direct channels of communication and collaborating with the development of cinematography in all areas and territories.

Dale en el ARCO Juana Program

•  Space of social and cultural interaction for lesbians.
•  www.daleenelarcojuana.com.ar

Over the Rainbow Program
•  Maternity and Homosexual parenting.
•  prisma.asociacioncivil@gmail.com

DIVERSA ® Culture for Diversity
General Accreditations Press Area DIVERSA Itinerant Edition 2006
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