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1. Films of any length, of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or transsexual content, produced at any date, may participate in the Festival. Accepted formats are: DVD, BETA SP, DV, and MiniDV. (Cassettes System: PAL only / DVD both systems).

2. For the registration of the work, a DVD copy must be submitted for pre-selection of the material, along with the entry form completed and signed by the applicant. The entry form may be downloaded here.

3. Both Argentine and foreign films may participate in the Festival. Works in languages other than Spanish must supply dialogue lists in English for subtitling purposes.

4. The DVD must be labeled with the title of the work, director's name, length, and a phone number.

5. The material may be sent either in person or by post, with complete data to the following address:  DIVERSA FESTIVAL - LAVALLEJA 1030 "D" - (1414) - Capital Federal - Bs. As. - Argentina - diversafilms@hotmail.com

6. The material received will be pre-selected by the Festival organizers, and due notification will be provided to the applicant, for submission of the film in its final format, together with any other extra materials, such as photographs, dialogue lists, posters, etc.

7 . The filmmaker is responsible for not affecting third persons authorship rights and exempts the organization of any legal responsability. The applicants are fully responsible for intellectual property rights, authorship rights, charges and exhibition rights, and any other rights, taxes and obligations. The applicants declare before DIVERSA and/or any of its representatives that the applicants are solely responsible for any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities regarding the material submitted, and that they expressly agree to indemnify DIVERSA and/or any of its representatives for any claims, actions, demands, liabilities, costs and expenses, including claims and/or actions for copyright and/or any other rights, attorneys fees, and other expenses generated under such circumstances.

8. The registration and participation in this Festival implies full acceptance of these rules and regulations. Works in their final format shall not be withdrawn until the end of the Festival. DIVERSA reserves the right to keep the DVD copies for its files.

9. The registration and participation in this Festival authorize the exhibition of the film in the festival in Buenos Aires and the cities where the festival goes as an itinerant festival.

10. DIVERSA will not be responsible for the content of the works. In case of loss or damage, the responsibility of the festival is limited to the costs of replacement of blank recordable material.

11. DIVERSA, in its sole discretion, shall decide any issues not covered in these rules and regulations.


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